Marketing Guidelines

1. Introduction & General Rules

These Marketing Guidelines are to educate our affiliate partners on what CAN or CAN’T be done when promoting the brand GAMRFIRST. Compliance with advertising rules is a legal and strict requirement in Switzerland. We want to ensure that non of our affiliate partners advertisement on behalf of GAMRFIRST are in any way misleading to customers. In case of any doubt regarding these Marketing Guidelines, please contact our team at Affiliates are not allowed to register any domain names which include any of GAMRFIRST brand terms or any term with any similarity with the brand name. Any affiliate who registers domain names in breach of this rule will have their account suspended pending an investigation. Affiliates must commit to make sure clear responsible and safer gambling content are displayed across their website(s), social account(s) and marketing platform(s).

2. Creatives

2.1. We only allow the use of creative we provide to each affiliate on our affiliate platform. You can be assured that all creative assets supplied by us adhere to the advertising regulations and are fully compliant.

2.2. Any homemade creative assets, including homemade banners that are used to promote GAMRFIRST must be approved by your account manager before being published. Failing to comply with any of our rules will lead to the affiliate account termination.

3. Placement of Adverts

3.1. You shall not make any advertisement in an intrusive way as per Swiss law (Art.74 of the Geldspielverordnung, VGS)

3.2. Affiliates must take all precautions to prevent exposure of advertising to minors. All adverts and promotions shall clearly indicate that the gambling activity promoted is to be only exercised by persons who are over 18 years of age.

3.3. Adverts and promotions shall not directly or indirectly feature themes that link gambling to recklessness, toughness or resilience.

3.4. Advertisement of the brand, products of GAMRFIRST is stricly to be done for players in Switzerland and shall not, in any case, be part of an advertisment outside this geographic area.

3.5. Advertisement should clearly displayed gaming warnings or responsible messages such as “Play Responsibly”, « lieber Verantworlich spielen », préférez un jeu responsable », scegli il gioco responsabile »; 18+ logo must be included in all advertisements. Failing to comply with any of our rules will lead to the affiliate account termination.

4. PPC

4.1. Affiliates are strictly not allowed to bid on any GAMRFIRST brand terms.

4.2. Affiliates must not use brand name in display URLs.

4.3. Affiliates must not manipulate GAMRFIRST name in ads e.g. ‘G@MRFIRST’ or ‘GAMR1ST’.

4.4. Affiliates must also not bid on any problematic, harmful or ‘Responsible Gambling’ related keywords, including gamble awareness or self-exclusion trade bodies.

4.5. Ads in search engines will need to make it clear that their messages are only intended for persons aged 18 or above. This means 18+ must be called out in Ad Copy. Failing to comply with any of our rules will lead to the affiliate account termination.

5. Email Marketing

Shall an affiliate wants to promote GAMRFIRST via email marketing, the following verifications will need to be done prior to any campaign:

  • (a) Affiliates must provide the legitimate source of their database(s) and a clear proof/explanation of their opt-in process in place for gambling communication.
  • (b) All emails must include an opt-out link option. Affiliates must provide a clear proof and explanation of their opt-out process.
  • (c) Any email sent to an affiliate database must not look like it is sent by GAMRFIRST but by the third part (the Affiliate). GAMRFIRST can’t be, in any way or form, responsible for any raising of complaints due to this communication. The Affiliate only is reliable for it.
  • (d) A preview of each email must be sent to the affiliate manager for approval before it is sent. If any rule from the above is undertaken in any way or form, the affiliate account will be terminated.

6. Social Media

6.1. It is not permitted for Affiliates to post a direct link on any of GAMRFIRST Social Pages without prior approval from GAMRFIRST.

6.2. It is not permitted to promote GAMRFIRST via private messaging on social media groups or networks without prior approval from GAMRFIRST. Failing to comply with any of the rules stated above will lead to the immediate affiliate account termination.

7. SMS

GAMRFIRST has made the decision not to engage in any SMS activity through a third party for the foreseeable future. Any affiliate found to be running SMS activity will have their account terminated immediately.

8. Pop-up & Pop-under Campaigns

Pop under campaigns are allowed as long as the affiliate can effectively manage and ensure no violation of our T&Cs is committed. Failure to respect our T&Cs may lead to the termination of your account and removal from the affiliate program. Affiliates must provide a full list of all websites where GAMRFIRST would potentially be advertised. All pop ups or pop unders campaigns must be approved by the affiliate manager prior to any launch. Affiliates must comply with the list of excluded websites that can be requested by GAMRFIRST. Failure to comply with any of the rules stated above will lead to the immediate affiliate account termination.

9. Apps

Any affiliates releasing apps into either the iOS App Store or Google Play Store must ensure the app name does not feature any of GAMRFIRST brand terms. Any affiliate found to have released an app including a brand name, will be asked to remove the app immediately and will have their account terminated. Appendix A Affiliate Policy: Intellectual Property Rights Please refer to our T&C’s for our Intellectual Property Rights Any affiliate failing to comply with our Affiliate Policy regarding Intellectual Property Rights will have their account terminated immediately.